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Watermelon Sparkler

Watermelon Sparkler

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Done cutting your watermelon and wondering what to do with all of the juice? Look no further than Tikkido's Watermelon Sparkler! For kids, mix the juice with sparkling water or diet lemon-lime soda. For a crowd, just blend up the watermelon itself, straining the liquid through a fine mesh strainer.


*Feel free to use any beverage of your choice as a substitute for sparkling water, for example diet lemon-lime soda or turn it into a cocktail with prosecco.

**To make these for a large crowd, blend watermelon cubes. Strain with a fine mesh strainer, collecting the juice in a bowl. Use the proportion of 1 part juice to 3 parts added beverage.


  • 1 Cup ice
  • 1/3 Cup fresh watermelon juice
  • 3/4 Cups sparkling water*


Calories Per Serving15

Folate equivalent (total)2µgN/A

Watermelon and Blueberry Sparklers

These festive, whimsical snacks are fun to make and you can toss the extra watermelon into a fruit salad of its own, like this Star-Spangled Fruit Salad.

Kids will love these — just make sure they don’t run with the sticks!

Watermelon Sparkler

I realize I am saying this very early in the morning, but I’ve kind of had a crappy past 24 hours. Yesterday was one of the biggest epic fail cooking days I’ve had in a lonnnnggggg time. When the first little thing went wrong, I remember saying to myself, “ok that’s your one, Meg. It’s all uphill from here.”

Instead I had burgers explode on me, fruit expired seemingly overnight, ingredients that I desperately needed got lost to the abyss that is my fridge, and I spilled too much beer to even say aloud. Each attempt I made at correcting a mistake or moving onto another recipe was met with more failure. Needless to say I was a huge ball of frustration and hopelessness come 4:30pm yesterday afternoon.

So I went to the gym and pounded out one of the best runs of the month. Plus weights and I even got a little shopping in on the way home. The reset button was almost pushed in completely, until I walked through the door and remembered the pile of dishes I had waiting for me…

Apparently when you are screwing up recipes all day, you create even more dirty dishes than normal. Such fun. Very wow.

Back to this whole, I need a drink idea…

A watermelon sparkler… Yep that should just do the trick for me today. It’s just a stupid simple recipe, and it is just as refreshing as biting into a slice of watermelon. Except it’s nice and bubbly, and there’s vodka in there. Not just any vodka of course… Circa vodka. Talk about an upgrade, right?

A long, horrid 24 hours aside, after one of these babies (don’t worry, I’ll wait until happy hour) I know I’ll feel right as rain and ready to get back on the horse again.

Just pray to the cooking gods that today is a little easier for me, mmkay?

P.S. did I happen to mention that I’m blogging over at too? They have bonkers amounts of cocktails over there people. Check it OUT.

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Tips to make the ideal sparkling wine and vodka watermelon cocktail

I wanted to keep my Sparkling Savannah Vodka Watermelon cocktail cold for sipping this summer without adding ice, which would only dilute it.

Inspired, I created a batch of frozen watermelon balls to add to glasses to keep this vodka watermelon cocktail recipe cold.

Using a melon baller, scoop out balls of watermelon then freeze. Using chilled ingredients and placing your glasses in the freezer for 30 minutes before making drinks, will help, too!

I made my Sparkling Savannah Vodka Watermelon Cocktails with vino frizzante, which is a lightly sparkling Italian white wine.

You can use a non-fizzy white wine if you like in this vodka watermelon cocktail recipe.

Or use your favorite sparkling wine such as a vino spumante.

Experiment, have fun and try a few different kinds of wine. It’s totally up to you!

Do you love using colorful straws in your watermelon cocktail drinks?

This Sparking Savannah Vodka Watermelon Cocktail is the perfect drink for sipping through a straw, so use one – or two!

Sparkling Watermelon Limeade | Homemade Limeade Recipe

Summer ‘tis the season for ripe, juicy WATERMELON! And, paired with tangy lime juice and seltzer water in this sparkling watermelon limeade, it makes for a naturally sweet, refreshing beverage to keep you cool this summer. Or, enjoy it frozen into fun, fizzy popsicles!

Most of us are used to seeing the same fruits and veggies in the grocery store year-round. But, all produce has a certain season or seasons during which they’re at their ripest and most nutritious. And, because watermelon is in season in summer, it’s sweetest and juiciest during the warm months.

Of course, chowing down on watermelon wedges is a treat all on its own. But, it’s also the perfect ingredient for healthy summer drinks and healthy popsicles. As a watermelon lover, this bright, bubbly watermelon limeade is one of my go-to summertime refreshments!

Hydrating, Anti-oxidizing Sparkling Watermelon Limeade

Surprisingly, watermelon is a sneaky superfood that’s loaded with nutrients! As the name implies, watermelons are made mostly of water (over 90%). Not only does that keep watermelon low in calories, but it also makes it a super hydrating summer snack!

And, if you struggle to drink enough water or prefer flavored drinks, this sparkling watermelon limeade is much better way to boost your hydration than other sugary juices and beverages. But, even with water making up most of its weight, watermelon is still jam-packed with nutrients.

It adds a wholesome dose of vitamin A and vitamin C into each cup of this sparkling watermelon limeade, along with the potent antioxidant, lycopene. Tomatoes are famous for their rich content of heart healthy, inflammation-fighting lycopene. But, it’s also the source of the red/pink pigment in watermelon!

And, by using in-season watermelon to make your sparkling watermelon limeade, you’ll pack even more free-radical fighting antioxidants into your healthy summer drinks. The more ripe, red, and juicy your watermelon is, the higher it’s lycopene content!

Use Ripe Fruits for Sugar Free Watermelon Limeade!

Most limeades and lemonades are made with TONS of added sugars to balance out the tangy, sour citrus. But, watermelon is teeming with natural sugars that make it plenty sweet all on its own. So, using ripe watermelon keeps this sparkling watermelon limeade totally sugar free AND sweetener free!

Unlike added sugars, these natural sugars come from a real, whole food source with other essential nutrients for our bodies to digest. So, our bodies metabolize natural sugars slower than added sugars, meaning we avoid major blood sugar spikes!

Best of all, watermelon’s natural sweetness makes this healthy summer drink just plain DELICIOUS. It offsets the intense sourness of the limes, so you can enjoy its bright, tangy flavor without your face puckering up!

But, if you’d like you can also turn this sparkling watermelon limeade into a lemonade simply by using lemons instead of limes. I also like to add some mint leaves to make this sweet-tangy drink even more refreshing!

Fizzy & Frozen Summer Fun

Finally, the last element is your seltzer water, which gives this sparkling watermelon limeade a fun, bubbly twist! Of course, you can also use regular water if you prefer. And, I personally think that fizziness is the most fun to eat in popsicle form!

Since this recipe yields a whopping 8 cups of sparkling watermelon limeade, why not pour half into popsicle molds and freeze them? At just 30 calories a pop and NO added sugars, it’s a refreshing summer treat that you can feel GOOD about!

Watermelon Sparkler

Servings: 4

Nutrition per serving (using 100% apple juice):
Calories 31 Fat 0 g Sodium 2 mg Sugars 7 g Protein 0.5 g


  • 2 cups watermelon
  • 1/4 cup 100% juice of your choice
  • 1/4 cup water
  • About 16&ndash20 oz Sparkling water


  1. Blend watermelon chunks with juice and water.
  2. Pour 1/2 cup into a glass and fill remaining glass with sparkling water.

Tips: Use other melons like honeydew or cantaloupe in place of watermelon. Additional liquid may be needed for desired consistency. Try adding fresh squeezed lime or a sprig of mint for a different flavor.

Watermelon Sparkler - Recipes

Something wonderful happens when you combine sweet, juicy chunks of watermelon with crunchy, mild pieces of jicama, and then douse the whole concoction with lime juice. (I got the idea during a trip to Mexico, where serving jicama with fresh fruit is common, and sprinkling lime juice on just about any food is second nature.) Crystallized ginger adds heat and intensity to the watermelon, and spikes the lime juice quite nicely.

  • Watermelon Sparkler can be an appetizer or a salad, a between-course palate cleanser (especially after a spicy dish), or even a dessert. Try it as an opening course for a summer brunchJust be sure to serve it very cold.
  • The easiest way I have found to mince crystallized ginger is with scissors.

4 cups bite-sized watermelon chunks (seeds removed)
1 cup diced jicama
3 tablespoons fresh lime juice
2 to 3 tablespoons minced crystallized ginger

How to Make Easy Watermelon Cocktails:

It&rsquos SO super easy to whip these cocktails up!

Simply stir together watermelon juice with vodka, fresh lime juice and sweetener of your choice. Add ice and enjoy! If you want your cocktail fizzy, top it off with club soda, Sprite or another fizzy soda. Garnish with fresh mint, lime slices and/or small watermelon wedges.

If you would prefer to use fresh watermelon to make your cocktail, I&rsquove listed instructions for blending the watermelon in the recipe card, below. Either way, these cocktails are so refreshing and absolutely irresistible!

Ingredients to make watermelon lemonade

All you need to make this watermelon lemonade is:

That&rsquos it! Simple and flavorful.

I love how refreshing and hydrating watermelon is.

It&rsquos sweet and crisp and one of those foods that I could eat forever.

I love how healthy it is and that it barely has any calories in it.

It&rsquos pretty much my favorite part of summer!

This watermelon lemonade is another way to use up watermelon that is less than great.

If you&rsquove ever bought a watermelon at the store that didn&rsquot taste sweet enough, don&rsquot throw it out! Blend it up into this lemonade, or freeze it and make a watermelon lime cooler or watermelon gin slushies.

This drink was so refreshing!

This is now my go to recipe for any watermelon leftovers!

Don&rsquot waste that watermelon that wasn&rsquot as good as you expected, try this instead!

This recipe is perfect when you want a sweet summer drink and is way healthier than soda!

The fizz from the sparkling water makes it really feel like you are drinking a special treat.

Looking for more watermelon drink recipes?

Love watermelon like me? Here are some more delicious ways to drink watermelon!

Are you making this recipe? I want to see! Be sure to tag me on instagram @buildyourbite and hashtag #buildyourbite

Be sure to follow me on FACEBOOK, PINTEREST & INSTAGRAM to never miss a recipe!

Watch the video: Watermelon Winner . Funny Episodes. Mr Bean Cartoon World (July 2022).


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