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Sweet Potato and Pear Mash recipe

Sweet Potato and Pear Mash recipe

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This is the perfect side dish to serve with roasted meats. Pureed sweet potato and pears are mixed with evaporated milk, sugar, butter, spices and pecans, before being baked to perfection.

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IngredientsServes: 8

  • 8 sweet potatoes
  • 4 pears, peeled, cored and chopped
  • 250ml evaporated milk
  • 2 teaspoons vanilla extract
  • 110g dark brown soft sugar
  • 60g butter
  • 1/2 teaspoon ground cinnamon
  • 1 pinch freshly grated nutmeg
  • 2 tablespoons orange juice
  • 110g chopped pecans

MethodPrep:20min ›Cook:1hr15min ›Ready in:1hr35min

  1. Preheat oven to 180 C / Gas 4.
  2. Prick the sweet potatoes with a fork and bake in the preheated oven 1 hour or until tender.
  3. Peel the baked sweet potatoes. Place in a medium bowl and beat until smooth.
  4. In a medium saucepan over medium heat, gently cook the pears 10 minutes or until tender. Process the pears in a food processor until smooth.
  5. In a medium saucepan over medium heat, mix the evaporated milk, vanilla, dark brown soft sugar and butter. Heat until scalded. Blend into the sweet potatoes.
  6. Mix the pear puree, cinnamon, nutmeg, orange juice and pecans into the sweet potato mixture. Transfer to a large baking dish.
  7. Bake in the preheated oven 15 minutes or until lightly browned.

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Thank you for posting this recipe! I couldn't locate my copy from last year. This dish is a treat! Sweet potatoes and pears make a wonderful combo and it's a nice change from the standard marshmallow topped casserole. Try it!-27 Oct 2002

by JULIED5600

Delicious! This was a piece of cake to make. I tossed the potatoes in my stand mixer to whip them, added the sauce, added the other ingredients and the cooked pears, turned on medium high and we were all set. This was very easy to make, and very good to eat! My two year old loved it, as did my in-laws. We'll definitely have this one again.-29 Dec 2003

by Christa MacDonald

This is a GREAT recipe. A little different from the standard "sweet potatoe casserole". Delicious! The pears really give this dish a wonderful flavor - I even used canned pears, and instead of OJ, I used some of the reserved liquid from the can of pears. So good! (If you must, you can even throw some marshmallows on top for those marshmallow loyalists!)-18 Dec 2003

  • 2 sweet potatoes (peeled and cut into diagonal 1/2 inch pieces)
  • 1 large pear (peeled, cored and cut lengthwise into 1/4 inch slices)
  • 2 cups baby arugula
  • 2 cups baby spinach
  • 1/3 cup crumbled feta cheese
  • 1/4 cup chopped toasted pecans
  • For the Dressing:
  • 1/3 cup apply jelly (not apple butter)
  • 1/4 cup red wine vinegar (preferably Zinfandel)
  • 1 tablespoon water
  • pinch of salt
  • olive oil

To prepare dressing, add apple jelly, red wine vinegar, water, and salt to a saucepan. Bring mixture to a boil, reduce heat and let simmer until mixture has reduced to a syrupy consistency. Remove from heat and cool to room temperature before using.

Place sweet potato slices into a large stock pot with water and cook for 10-13 minutes. Potatoes should be soft, but not all the way cooked through. Remove from water, pay dry with paper towel and place onto baking sheet, cutting board, or platter. Brush with olive oil and add salt.

Carefully place sweet potato and pear slices onto grill grate. Cook both for 3-4 minutes per side. Watch for burning. Once potatoes and pears have good grill marks and a caramelized surface, remove from heat and place onto clean baking sheet. This will allow them to cool slightly before assembling.

To assemble: place salad greens onto large serving dish, top with sweet potatoes and pears, then crumbled feta cheese. Drizzle cooled dressing onto salad and garnish with chopped pecans.

Sweet potatoes are cheap right now, so make these for dinner

Well colour me happy - bright orange and happy that is, because sweet potatoes are going for a song, so now is the time to get some of that vitamin A (fight off infections) and magnesium (lower your stress and anxiety levels) ahead of the winter season. Oh yes, and flavour, get all that sweet and nutty flavour into you - because they are damned delish.

While these orange-golden (and sometimes purple) root veggies are in-season for most of the year, they've been spotted around town going super cheap right now. Usually weɽ see them for about $5 a kilo, but they have been spotted this week at major supermarkets and greengrocers for the bargain price of $2 a kilo. So keep your eyes open for bargains like this and shake up how you do your potato style dinner (yes we know sweet potato is not a potato, but we often use them like they are).

Forget hash browns and standard jacket potatoes, now is the time to get into sweet potato rosti and sweet potato mash or chips, because variety is the spice of life.

They also roast really well for delicious lunchbox or salad inclusions and if you do roast a big batch, try freezing them to defrost and use later on. Or even blitz that roasted sweet potato up into a soup that will rival any pumpkin soup as the weather gets chillier.

Scroll down for all our favourite sweet potato recipes and snap up a bargain when you see one.

Happy sweet potato-ing. what potato dishes will you swap sweet potato into?

This recipe is direct from Channel 9's budget saving Eat Well for Less and is the genius kitchen wizardry of chef and host Ben O'Donoghue. It's an easy vegetarian meal where you you won't miss the meat, so it's a great way to start getting more plant based dinners into your diet. Good for you, good for your wallet, good for the planet.


Place the veggies in a medium saucepan and cover with water by 2 inches.
Bring to boil, then reduce heat and simmer about 20 minutes, until tender.
Drain the vegetables and pour them back into the pan.
Using a potato masher, mash the veggies while cooking over medium-high heat to ensure your dish is not watery.
After the water has evaporated, which should take about two minutes, remove the veggies from heat, then stir in the butter, yogurt, and chives.

Mashed Sweet Potatoes

Look, marshmallow-topped sweet potatoes are fun, but this year, why not let those tasty &lsquotaters have all the spotlight? Super-starchy sweet potatoes mash just as well as russets, and certainly don&rsquot need to be covered in marshmallows to taste good. When steamed until tender, then mashed with creamy half-and-half and plenty of butter.

Why steam potatoes?

Steaming is the best method when it comes to cooking potatoes gently. Because steaming requires less water than when boiling, the dish will take less time to finish. And of course, most important of all, you won&rsquot lose any of the sweet potatoes&rsquo nutrients during a steam&mdashwhile vegetables boil, some of the nutrients leak out into the water&mdashthen go down the drain!

Can I make vegan mashed sweet potatoes?

Of course! Swap out the half-and-half for canned coconut milk (it&rsquos super creamy and rich, but you could use any unsweetened non-dairy milk) and use your favorite vegan butter or coconut oil instead of regular butter. Maple syrup is already vegan, so you&rsquore good to go. Don&rsquot forget the salt and pepper!

Mashed sweet potatoes are so tasty you might forget to make classic mashed potatoes this year. Good thing sweet potatoes taste great with gravy too!

Tried making these sweet spuds? Let us know how you liked them in the comments below!

How To Make The Best Mashed Sweet Potatoes

Mashed sweet potatoes are just as easy as making regular mashed potatoes. Since sweet potatoes already have a silky texture, they turn into an absolutely delicious mash.

Our recipe below is on the savory side. I love adding a bay leaf to the water when cooking the potatoes for extra flavor and keeping the mash simple with a little butter, cinnamon, salt, pepper, and when I want them to be extra creamy, I add sour cream.

How to choose and prep sweet potatoes

Red and orange-skinned sweet potatoes make the best mashed sweet potatoes (sometimes incorrectly labeled yams in the US). These taste sweeter and have a creamier texture compared to more dry starchier varieties of sweet potato like tan or purple-skinned sweet potatoes.

The skin should be firm and smooth. I also prefer to buy small to medium sweet potatoes since these tend to be a little less starchy compared to the really large sweet potatoes.

To prep sweet potatoes, I use a vegetable brush to scrub any dirt from the peel. If you don’t have a veggie brush or scrubber, you can crumple up a sheet of foil and use that to scrub the potatoes clean.

How to cook sweet potatoes for mashing

My preferred method is to simmer them in water — just like I do for regular mashed potatoes. Simmering them on the stove is quick and easy.

I add cubed, peeled sweet potatoes to a large pot and cover them with about an inch of water. I add a generous amount of salt as well as a bay leaf then bring the water to a simmer and cook until tender. The salt makes the potatoes taste incredible and the bay leaf adds a bit of extra flavor. Sometimes, I swap the bay leaf for a sprig or two of fresh thyme or rosemary.

Simmer peeled and cubed sweet potatoes with a bit of salt and herbs like bay leaves, fresh thyme, or rosemary.

Alternate methods: Use the oven, microwave or pressure cooker (Instant Pot)

In the oven, the sweet potatoes will take 40 to 60 minutes. To do it, heat your oven to 400 degrees Fahrenheit then wrap whole, unpeeled sweet potatoes with a bay leaf in a large sheet of foil. Place the foil pouch onto a baking sheet and bake until the potatoes can be pierced with a fork. The bake time will be 40 to 60 minutes. Unwrap the roasted sweet potatoes and when they are cool enough to handle, peel and discard the skins.

When using a microwave, you will likely need to cook the potatoes in two batches. Pierce the unpeeled sweet potatoes several times with the prongs of a fork. Add two to three sweet potatoes to a microwave-safe plate and cover with a damp paper towel. Microwave, turning once until the potatoes can easily be pierced with a fork, 8 to 12 minutes. When they are cool enough to handle, peel and discard the skins.

To cook sweet potatoes in a pressure cooker (Instant Pot), you will need roughly 35 minutes. Insert a stainless steel trivet to the bottom of the pressure cooker (ours came with one). Add one cup of water then pile whole sweet potatoes up onto the trivet (4 to 5 potatoes fit in ours). Seal the lid then cook on High Pressure for 16 minutes and allow the pressure cooker to naturally release, which takes another 10 minutes or so. When they are cool enough to handle, peel and discard the skins.

How to mash sweet potatoes

The most obvious way to mash sweet potatoes is to use a potato masher. If you don’t have one in your kitchen, don’t worry, a fork will do the trick nicely. Using a potato masher or fork will make a creamy mash with a little texture.

For the smoothest, silkiest mashed sweet potatoes, use a food processor or a food mill that is fitted with the smallest grinding disc.

Mashing with a potato masher or fork makes for creamy sweet potato mash that still has a little texture.

More tips

Peel the sweet potatoes. I love skin-on mashed potatoes, but when it comes to sweet potatoes, I find the skin a little tough. If you bake or microwave the sweet potatoes, you can remove the skin after cooking.

Make them extra creamy with sour cream or cream. I love to add sour cream. The tanginess of the sour cream balances the sweetness of sweet potatoes. Heavy cream, milk, or half-and-half helps to add some creaminess, too. Buttermilk would also be excellent.

If you love garlic, mash in a few cloves of roasted garlic — here’s our favorite method for roasting garlic.

For a sweeter version, stir in a little brown sugar, maple syrup, or honey.

  • 1 pound Yukon Gold potatoes, peeled and cut into 1 1/2-inch chunks
  • 1 pound sweet potatoes, peeled and cut into 1 1/2-inch chunks
  • ½ cup low-fat milk
  • 2 tablespoons butter
  • 1 teaspoon brown sugar
  • ¾ teaspoon salt
  • ¼ teaspoon freshly ground pepper

Place potatoes and sweet potatoes in a large saucepan and add enough water to cover. Bring to a boil over high heat and cook until very tender when pierced with a fork, 20 to 25 minutes.

Drain the potatoes, then mash them in the pot to the desired consistency. Place milk and butter in a small bowl and microwave on High until the butter is mostly melted and the milk is warm, 30 to 40 seconds. (Alternatively, place in a small saucepan and heat over medium until the milk is warm.) Stir the milk mixture, sugar, salt and pepper into the mashed potatoes until combined.

Mashed Sweet Potatoes Recipe

This is a very simple, easy way to make sweet potatoes any time.

  • cheap
  • easy
  • sweet
  • potato
  • amp
  • spicy
  • microwave
  • cheap
  • easy
  • sweet
  • potato
  • amp
  • spicy
  • microwave

Schedule your weekly meals and get auto-generated shopping lists.

  • 1 pkg (24 oz.) frozen, cubed sweet potatoes
  • 1/2 stick butter, softened
  • 1/4 tsp. cinnamon, nutmeg or ground cloves
  • 1/4 cup brown sugar
  • 1/4 cup evaporated milk
  • Marshmallows


  • 1 pkg (24 oz.) frozen, cubed sweet potatoesshopping list
  • 1/2 stick butter, softened shopping list
  • 1/4 tsp. cinnamon, nutmeg or ground clovesshopping list
  • 1/4 cup brown sugarshopping list
  • 1/4 cup evaporated milkshopping listshopping list

How to make it

  • Microwave sweet potatoes according to package (12 minutes)
  • Mix all ingredients together using an electric mixer
  • Pour into a 2 qt. casserole dish
  • Top with marshmallows
  • Broil in oven until marshmallows are browned and melted, 2-3 minutes
People Who Like This Dish 2

The Cook

Step by step instructions

  • Cut the sweet potatoes into cubes. I love the skins of sweet potatoes so I leave them on and just scrub the potatoes well before boiling. If you prefer, you can peel the skin off of the sweet potatoes before cubing.
  • Place the sweet potatoes in a large pot of boiling water and cook for 25 minutes or until fork tender.
  • Drain the water from the pot, then add the milk, cinnamon and ginger.
  • Mash well.

Spoon the Mashed Sweet Potatoes into a large bowl and serve with delicious main dishes like Bacon Wrapped Turkey and Rosemary Balsamic Pork Loin!

Outside of being scrumptious and easy to make, this dish is also full of health benefits!

Ginger helps with cancer prevention and treatment, pain reduction and migraine relief.

Enjoy the numerous health benefits of sweet potatoes and cinnamon as well. This “Superfood” packs tons of fiber, vitamin a and vitamin c, while this “Super-Spice” lowers bad cholesterol and helps stabilize blood sugar, now that’s something I can dig in to!

The Secret To Making The Best Mashed Sweet Potatoes

Why Go Through The Extra Effort of Baking The Sweet Potatoes First? A longer bake in the oven at 350 degrees helps the starches in the sweet potato break down and the result is a sweeter, way more flavorful tasting potato.

Seriously! Baked sweet potatoes are so ahhh-mazing straight out of the oven (okay, give them a few minutes to cool off) that they don't need any toppings!

TIP: If you have a loved one who can't have a lot of sugar (like my dad who is Type II diabetic) there is NO need to use artificial sweeteners. Just bake & mash them some sweet potatoes, season them with warm spices and fresh orange zest, then stir in butter & salt and they'll love it!

When I bake one or two as sides for dinner I generally slice 'em open and top the sweet potatoes with a bit of coconut oil or pastured butter and sea salt. That's it.

The healthy fats help you absorb the fat-soluble vitamins in sweet potatoes (like vitamin A) and the sea salt brings out extra flavor.

If you have a veggie hater in your life, try baking or roasting more veggies (like root vegetables) and you're sure to win them over.

Now you know my secret! This is how I create perfect, ahhh-mazingly flavorful sweet potatoes (baked or mashed) with hardly any work.

Please tell your whole family so baking then mashing sweet potatoes becomes more popular for holiday feasts. :)


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