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10 Easy Bites for Your Graduation Party

10 Easy Bites for Your Graduation Party

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Graduation season is nigh—what are you making to feed the happy graduate and your friends and family?

Preparing meals for larger gatherings is all about planning, pacing and staging—careful implementation of time and resources.

So, for example, you can marinate skirt steak skewers ahead of time so they’re ready to put on the grill as guests start to arrive. You can also make a big batch of deviled eggs and refrigerate them for several hours before serving.

Other recipes, such as the Baked Wontons in our round-up below, can be made entirely ahead and frozen—even better!

Here are some of our favorite bites for a big graduation party – what are yours?

Veggie lovers can buy a few bunches of asparagus, wrap them in thin slices of salty prosciutto, and roast them in the oven until crispy. Easy peasy. The asparagus can be wrapped several hours ahead of time and kept refrigerated.

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Think of this as a slightly elevated take on pigs in a blanket—sausage rolls. Bake these ahead of time and reheat briefly in the oven before serving.

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Bite-sized nibbles that you can easily cram onto a small plate or eat with one hand are often a winner at large parties. These broccoli cheddar bites also appeal to kids, too. Bonus!

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Marinate and thread the skirt steak onto skewers ahead of time and refrigerate. Fire up the grill before the guests arrive, and you’re good to go.

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The cool creaminess is a great foil for bacon and deviled eggs are a quintessential party favorite. Hard boil the eggs the day before, make the filling that morning, and refrigerate until party time.

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Dips with bacon are always crowd pleasers, and this warm one loaded with spinach is no exception. Mix the dip together ahead of time and then bake until bubbly when the party starts. Make sure you have plenty of pita chips and other crunchy things on hand for dipping.

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It’s tempting to just leave the description at just those two words; after all, cheese and bread are so appealing. Consider this a cross between garlic bread and pizza. This recipe is so quick and easy that it needs no make-ahead steps; double or triple the recipe as needed.

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Bourbon and maple syrup complement each other well—sweet and slightly smoky and easy to share. Marinate the wings overnight and then bake them off in batches as needed.

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Don't worry -- these only look complicated! The best part is that you can prep the whole thing and freeze them ahead of time—and they don’t require messy deep frying, either.

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Cut this baby up into smaller pieces, put it out on a big tray, and sprinkle with fresh chives. This recipe is best left to the last minute and served hot from the oven, but with only a few key ingredients (namely, puff pastry and potatoes), it comes together in a flash.

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