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How to Set a Fun, Family-Friendly Easter Table

How to Set a Fun, Family-Friendly Easter Table

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Easter this year will be a very low-key event for my family, given what’s happening around the country right now. I imagine it may be that way for you, too. But I’m glad to be home with my family, and I still love Easter, so I’m still planning to do something sweet and simple for our Easter table.

Like my Thanksgiving table setting, I don’t like to buy a whole bunch of new things just to set the table. I prefer to look around my house and see what I can reuse—and that’s what I did for this table setting as well. Feel free to take my ideas and tweak them to suit what you can find around your house!

Here’s how I plan to set my Easter table—it’s easy, I promise!


For my table colors, I opted for light wooden accents, neutral napkins, and a few pops of gold for fun.

I chose a white tablecloth and white plates because they’re classic, and the blush table runner was something I already had on hand, so that’s what I went with, but any pastel color would look great. Think light blue, sage green, or even lilac.

I kept my napkins a neutral gray (again, because that’s what I had on hand). When buying linen napkins, you want them to be versatile, so I find it’s best to stick with neutral colors so you can use them for multiple occasions.


When I think of springtime, I think of bunnies, and what do bunnies like to eat (and what do I like to eat)? CARROTS!

I love carrot tops and thought it would be fun to display carrots in a vase. The vase adds a touch of gold, and the honeycomb pattern at the bottom reminds me that bees will be starting to come out soon. Don’t have a gold vase? No problem. Use whatever vase you have. Even a jar would work.

This arrangement used two bunches of carrots, but yours could hold more or less depending on the size of your vase. Just make sure to choose carrot bunches with long, leafy tops.

To assemble the centerpiece, simply wash the carrots and put them in a vase. If the tops are too droopy, go ahead and cut them off and stick the leafy part in the vase. You’ll have a stunning centerpiece in about five minutes.


To round out the centerpiece, I dyed some Easter eggs (because, obviously!) and placed them in egg cartons with the tops cut and sides off. The eggs add color, and the cartons tie in with the other neutral décor. I finished the look with some wooden beads that I borrowed from my fireplace mantel.


To really bring some dimension and texture onto your table, use a basket-woven charger. Since they’re (again!) a neutral color, you can use them for a variety of occasions!


Instead of arranging my gold flatware formally onto the table, I arranged them all on the right-hand side in an asterisk-like pattern. It felt fun to break the rules!


The final touch is for the kids. I created bunny ear napkins to tie in with the carrots and placed a little wooden egg in the middle of each one. You could use a permanent marker to write a word or a name on the eggs, but since I use them as décor during the spring, I left mine blank.

Here’s how to make bunny ear napkins. Use whatever napkins you have!

Fold the napkin in half on the diagonal so it forms a triangle, then fold down the top pointy edge to the middle of the napkin.

Fold the top flat side down so it covers the point.

Fold one last time so your edges are aligned.

Bring your two points up together, so you’re making a sort of U-shape with your napkin.

Tie with a piece of string, and make sure to leave a little hole for your Easter egg!

That’s it! Easy!

Here’s wishing you a happy, healthy Easter!

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